Stake-and-Lock Pools (to be sunset)

What are the Stake-and-Lock Pools?

While we're building out the platform and transition to the Crew's and Fuel Vaults, we set up native single asset pools with a fixed return. You can stake and lock your VSO for a specific duration with no risk of impermanent loss. At the end of the lock period you can withdraw more tokens than you originally staked. Farms with a longer stake period pay more.
Please note that as per the current contract conditions, you cannot add more VSO from the same wallet address to the farm during the lockup period. When your selected staking period is over, your tokens will unlock and you will receiving your original staked amount + your rewards. You can choose to stake this amount back again.

xVSO Accrual for stakers in the Stake-and-Lock Pools

Since some wallets will have VSO locked in the current Stake-and-Lock Pools when the Fuel Vault is released (the Fuel Vault will be launched before the Crew's Vault), we will reward those wallets with an amount of xVSO equivalent to the xVSO amount that could have been accrued if the tokens were not locked in the pools.
Basically, this is a compensation for the cost of opportunity incurred for not being able to unstake VSO and stake it in the soon-to-be-released Fuel Vault.
Once you start staking in the Fuel Vault, your xVSO counter should include the "airdropped" amount and the amount at the newly started counter.
Last modified 10mo ago