Fuel Vault

Provide liquidity in the VSO/AVAX pools on Trader Joe or Pangolin and stake your JLP or PGL tokens in the Fuel Vault to accrue xVSO.

What is the Fuel Vault?

The Fuel Vault is a smart contract that:
  1. 1.
    Allows you to stake VSO/AVAX LP tokens from Trader Joe or Pangolin;
  2. 2.
    Computes xVSO based on amount of LP tokens staked and duration staked.
Fuel Vault stakers accumulate xVSO at a higher rate than single-sided VSO stakers in the Crew's Vault because apart from providing liquidity to our pools, they also potentially suffer from impermanent loss (IL).
Check xVSO to learn more.

Fuel Vault vs. Crew's Vault

The Fuel Vault acts as a booster for your xVSO. The xVSO accrued from staking LP tokens does nothing unless you also stake VSO in the Crew's Vault because it acts as the main revenue distributing contract (as well as xVSO computer).

xVSO Accrual Equations

The amount of xVSO accrued is proportional to the amount of LP tokens staked and the duration staked, according to the following logic:
xVSO=(VSO Staked ∗ Days Staked)2500xVSO = \frac{\left( VSO \space Staked \space * \space Days \space Staked \right)}{2500}
Note that instead of the denominator being 10,000 (in the case of single-sided staking VSO in the Crew's Vault), it is 2,500 for xVSO accrual in the Fuel Vault.
Essentially, the lower denominator means higher xVSO accumulation rate compared to the Crew's Vault.

Example Scenario

Fuel Vault LP Stakers
VSO Staked (VSO equivalent to one side of the LP)
Days Staked
LP Staker 1
LP Staker 2

LP Staker 1:

xVSOLP1=(VSO Staked ∗ Days Staked)2500xVSO_{LP_{1}} = \frac{(VSO \space Staked \space * \space Days \space Staked)}{2500}
xVSOLP1=(100000 ∗ 30)2500xVSO_{LP_{1}} = \frac{(100000 \space * \space 30)}{2500}
xVSOLP1=1200xVSO_{LP_{1}} = 1200
After 30 days of having staked VSO/AVAX LP tokens (where one side of the pool is equivalent to 100,000 VSO), LP Staker 1 will have accumulated 1200 xVSO.

LP Staker 2:

xVSOLP2=(VSO Staked ∗ Days Staked)2500xVSO_{LP_{2}} = \frac{(VSO \space Staked \space * \space Days \space Staked)}{2500}
xVSOLP2=(20000 ∗ 180)2500xVSO_{LP_{2}} = \frac{(20000 \space * \space 180)}{2500}
xVSOLP2=1440xVSO_{LP_{2}} = 1440
After 180 days of having staked VSO/AVAX LP tokens (where one side of the pool is equivalent to 20,000 VSO), LP Staker 2 will have accumulated 1440 xVSO.
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