Crew's Vault

Stake VSO in the Crew’s Vault to receive part of protocol revenues and accrue xVSO.

What is the Crew's Vault?

The Crew's Vault is a smart contract that:
  1. 1.
    Allows you to stake VSO in it to be elligible for a share of protocol revenues;
  2. 2.
    Distributes protocol revenues to VSO stakers;
  3. 3.
    Computes xVSO based on amount of VSO staked and duration staked.
Obs.: your xVSO counter will reset after you unstake any amount of VSO from the vault.
Check xVSO to learn more about it.

xVSO Accrual Equations

One unit of xVSO is accrued per day for every 10,000 VSO staked, therefore, the following equation dictates how the amount of xVSO computed to each wallet:
xVSO=(VSO Staked  Days Staked)10000xVSO = \frac{\left( VSO \space Staked \space * \space Days \space Staked \right)}{10000}
The amount of xVSO you accrue is dependent on the amount of VSO staked in the Crew's Vault and on the amount of time you leave it staked for.
The value of 10,000 for the denominator is a arbitrary number to simplify the visualization of how many xVSO you accrue. That is, it's more intuitive to read a balance of 100 xVSO in comparison to 0.001 xVSO.

Example Scenario

Crew's Vault Stakers
VSO Amount
Days Staked
Staker 1
Staker 2

Staker 1:

xVSO1=(VSO Staked  Days Staked)10000xVSO_{1} = \frac{(VSO \space Staked \space * \space Days \space Staked)}{10000}
xVSO1=(100000  30)10000xVSO_{1} = \frac{(100000 \space * \space 30)}{10000}
xVSO1=300xVSO_{1} = 300
After 30 days of having staked 100,000 VSO once, Staker 1 will have accumulated 300 xVSO.

​Staker 2:

xVSO2=(VSO Staked  Days Staked)10000xVSO_{2} = \frac{(VSO \space Staked \space * \space Days \space Staked)}{10000}
xVSO2=(20000  180)10000xVSO_{2} = \frac{(20000 \space * \space 180)}{10000}
xVSO2=360xVSO_{2} = 360
After 180 days of having staked 20,000 VSO once, Staker 2 will have accumulated 360 xVSO.