Community Roles
Connecting financial products with consumers involves many aspects. Our initial focus is to enable scalable distribution at the lowest cost. However, aligned to traditional finance, we foresee a series of community roles to be added in order to further increase the reach of products all the way to participating in the product innovation cycle.

Community Roles

Compliance Validator
Compliance validators perform a critical role in assessing a product's legitimacy from a regulatory perspective. Compliance validators earn a reward for every product being sold through the Verso network.
Stake 1,000,000 VSO Onboarding checklist
Product Validator
Before each product is launched a group of product validators will be selected. Validators will be issued with an NFT as evidence that they are entitled to validator rewards for that product, and each NFT will have rewards allocated to it based on the product's sales volume.
Rewards can only be accessed with the relevant Validator NFT. Validator NFTs will have an intrinsic value based on expected cashflows; they will tradable.
Stake 10,000+ VSO Onboarding checklist
Product Ambassador (coming later)
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