Welcome to Verso 🔷

We help companies easily scale their financial products via our integrated network of digital wallets, banking relationships, e-commerce platforms and our native marketplace dapp.

The problems we solve:

Integrating financial products is expensive and time incentive. Financial sevice providers have to set up integrations with thousands of partners (E-Wallets, Commerce Platforms and Digital Banks) and current solutions provide no option for a testbed whatsoever. Likewise, these wallet partners require individual integration with thousands of products. Many financial service providers are looking for innovative ways to distribute their products in a more scalable and cost-efficient manner.

The solutions we provide:

Verso is a decentralized financial product distribution platform connecting financial institutions with crypto and fiat audiences. Proprietary smart contracts for various financial product categories remove the need for bilaterial agreements between product providers and third-parties such as banks, digital wallets or commerce platforms. Verso is a first-of-its-kind platform that aggregates various distribution channels across crypto and traditional finance. It is a single access point for product providers to reach new consumers at the lowest cost.

🚀 Verso for TradFi

Verso helps insurers, lending providers and others to easily distribute their financial products to the crypto community around the world. This includes reaching the targeted consumer groups, facilitating payments between crypto and fiat, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

🚀 Verso for DeFi

Verso helps scaling DeFi products to non-crypto natives in a self-serve manner. Through our network of TradFi partners, embedding DeFi products into the user journey of banks, digital wallets and commerce platforms becomes simple. These partners benefit from new revenue streams and increased user stickiness while Verso ensures compliance, consumer protection and smooth settlements between FIAT currencies and crypto.
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